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Mission Bible Training Center

Welcome to The World of Mission Teens Gaastra MI. Blog!

The purpose of Mission Teens, Inc. is to witness unto Jesus Christ in the world, in the power of the Holy Spirit with a particular emphasis on young people but not to the exclusion of anyone. We know that Jesus Christ is the answer to everyone’s needs. We will provide any and all facilities necessary to evangelize, educate and disciple any persons spiritually, physically, vocationally and psychologically as the Holy Spirit of God leads and directs. This organization is non-profit, supported by God, through people as He works individually in their hearts, primarily purposed in proclaiming Jesus Christ, to whom be all glory and honor. Drafted in 1969, this mission statement has provided the framework to lead people nation-wide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and gain freedom from addiction.

"The lord will Fight for you; you need only to be still."
Exodus: 14:13-14

Above all; 4-23-24

Praise & worship performed at our center in Gaastra, Michigan! If you or someone you love is in need of help please call us

 at 906-265-6247

Our Founder:

Since 1962, It was Reverend Bracken's desire to minister GOD'S love to people. He was able to see this desire fulfilled as, over the years,  He has touched the lives of thousands through not only the resident training program, but also his radio ministry, home prayer groups, newsletter articles, prison outreach, and personal counseling. Jim has given his life to ministering the gospel to the lost and to teaching others to do likewise. The Mission Teens ministry is the direct result and reflection of Jim's own ministry.

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