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The Training Program

 We treat each person in our center as a member of the family. Junior staff members and higher-ranking residents teach the "younger" residents. Senior staff and directors handle the major problems and decisions. Each one is expected to do his or her part to make the "family" run as smoothly as possible. There are 5 1/2 hours of BIBLE study per day, and the training amounts to approximately 1 year of BIBLE school. There is a comprehensive study of the New Testament and a general study of the Old Testament. The daily schedule varies slightly at the centers, but fundamentally remains the same.

The discipleship-Training program is divided up into four phases, each lasting 2-4 months. As the person proves he/she can handle the increasing responsibilities of each phase, their privileges will increase. It is highly structured program with a rigid daily schedule. Everyone is expected to obey the house rules and follow the schedule. Infractions of the rules or schedule are corrected with writing assignments, loss of privileges or extra work chores.

The first phase of the training is a 2-month induction period with very few privileges or responsibilities. Each individual is simple expected to follow the rules and will begin to understand how to seek the lord

The next two phases add some general household responsibilities, which will add normal life pressures and cause the person to seek the LORD for help. Privileges in these two phases include phone calls and visits from immediate family (and pastoral or legal counsel) only. No friends are allowed to visit or call any person in the discipleship training. 

In the final phase, the person is in "counselor training." He/She  will counsel one person each day and make a report to senior staff. He/She is expected to be a good example in the house and to learn to help others as he was helped.

Our Impact

Since 1969, 31,000 people have come to the Mission centers all across the country. In our annual review, approximately 85% of the graduates and 40% of the non-graduates reporting back to us are doing well. Many have gone into Christian Ministry or Missionary work and some have stayed to work on staff throughout our different centers.


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